Download ZenQT Player (Beta 2.0)

Here is the latest version of ZenQT Player available for download:

ZenQT Player (Beta 2.0) - 409 KB

After downloading, please unzip the file to a folder on your computer and then view readme.html.

Free For Non-Commercial Use

ZenQT Player is available to freely use on non-commercial websites and is distributed under this creative commons license.

Commercial Use

If you are installing ZenQT Player on a commercial website, you will require a commercial license.

A commercial website is defined as:
  • A website which sells products or services
  • A website which displays advertising of products or services
  • A website owned or operated by a corporation

There are different levels of commercial licenses available. You may view all commercial licenses here.

If you wish to redistribute ZenQT Player as part of a software package (for example a CMS), please contact me for more info.

Order Your Commercial License

On purchasing a commercial license you will be provided with your own unique license and serial number. In addition the "ZenQT" logo will be removed from your player.
Your license will be valid for all future versions of ZenQT Player (any future skins or addons may require seperate licenses).
Please Choose Your License Type:

Ordering is completed via Paypal. Once completed, you will be contacted by email and your license will be sent (normally within a day).
If you have any questions about ordering, please contact me.
Thank you, please click the "Order Now" button to continue...
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